monday morning encouragement: it’s time to let go & know yourself 

It’s time let go & know yourself. Life is too short for you to be living to please those around you. Let your hair down. Ease up your guard. And live your life the way you’ve always wanted to. 

Know who you are. Know what you like. Know what makes you soar & fly. Know that you get grumpy on family vacations & allot yourself some time & space. Know that you’ll always regret the pictures you didn’t take, but never the ones you did. 

It’s time to let go.

Know that you hate group shots, so don’t ever take them. Know your beer limit. Know that secrets are never good. Know that love comes unexpectedly. Know that mistakes aren’t a thing, they’re just a lesson in the making. 

It’s time to let go.

Know that heartache is real & it comes in many forms. Know that you like to dance in front of desert plants. Know that you sometimes just need your space, but you need your people too. Know when you need to take a break.

Know that you have one life to live & it’s yours alone, so don’t you dare let the fear of what others think control it. 

Know who you love. Know what you need. Know what you can give. There’s a whole lot of you to know, so know it all my friends. Know every single inch of the you  you were born to be.

It’s time to let go dear ones, & know yourself. Don’t be afraid to know who you are. Don’t make excuses for what you find. Be you, always. The true you, the you you’ve always wanted to be. Time is the one thing we have too much of, but it’s also the one thing that passes by too quickly. 

The time is now. Let go & know yourself. I promise you the effort of learning to discover who you are now is worth the reward of getting to know yourself for a lifetime. Let go & know yourself, it’s time. 

—abbey kay 

*brought to you by a girl who is finally letting go  






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