monday morning encouragement: what is there left to say 

You ever come across those people who seem to just always say the wrong thing? They’re either too honest & offensive, or too passive & not direct. 

I am that person. 

I either say too much or I don’t say enough. There is no in between with me. You either know everything that is running through my head & my heart, or you honestly have no idea that I’m about to explode.  

Are you this way? Do you know someone in your life that just can’t seem to get their communication right? 

Here’s some encouragement if you’re that person or know someone like that… 

It’s okay to be this way. It’s not a wrong way to operate, but it is something to be aware of. Find a balance in your communication so that you don’t get stuck in the middle ground of being overwhelmed. 

If you know someone like this, then try & understand. It’s a form of anxiety. We say too much, we get reemed. We don’t say enough, we get in trouble. 
My head is a constant struggle of the fear of oversharing or not sharing enough. And no one around me gets that. 

Well, what is there left to say, except that it’s okay to be this way. It’s okay to be you. It’s okay for people to not understand you. Just try & know yourself better, that’s really all that matters in life. 
— abbey kay 

*brought to you by a girl who has nothing left to say 






One response to “monday morning encouragement: what is there left to say ”

  1. Sarah Avatar

    sums me up perfectly

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