monday morning encouragement: being patient eventually pays off 

I’ve lived a constant life of having to wait. Waiting to be tall enough to use the window visor in my mom’s car so it can block the sun, waiting to graduate high school & get on with my life, waiting to have friends who actually kind of sort of get me, waiting to have a good relationship with my mom, waiting to be a mom, waiting to love & be loved, waiting for the day that my grandpa would finally pass away. I’ve always waited. 

I know other people live a life of waiting too, because hey, that’s life & part of growing up. But for me I feel like the waiting never ends. I feel like my life is a constant drawn out period where things don’t happen for what seems like decades. And I over worry because of it. With all the time waiting permits, I overthink. I get upset. And I grow extremely weary & begin to break thinking life will just never work out for me.

But life is honestly just a waiting game & I’m painfully, slowly seeing that. There’s nothing I can do to change it. In life, we wait. And then when time passes & the waiting is over, that’s when things happen that we never thought would be. 

I’m tall enough to block the sun from my eyes in my mom’s car now. It magically just happened one day. 

I’ll have been out of high school for five years now this June & life truly began for me after that graduation day.

My mom & I have become really close, something I always dreamed of over these past few months. 

And my grandpa passed away last fall after years of worrying about it.

If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned this—being patient eventually pays off. The payout isn’t always good & it isn’t always what you expect, but it’s still there. You can’t speed up time or slow down life. All you can do is wait. And wait patiently. 

Wait for the good to come. Wait for the bad to pass. Wait, patiently. Don’t worry, because what’s meant to be happens & all you can do is wait. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is in the middle of the waiting game we call life 






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