monday morning encouragement: let your feet wander so that you can get lost 

Our generation is known as the generation of laziness. We have everything at the touch of our fingertips & we are told we have no work ethic. We are categorized as such because we are unsure of everything we want to be at 18, unlike the generations before us who were married, & work driven by the prime age of legal adulthood. I’ve been looked down on because I’m not married, I didn’t go to college, & I’m not on a career path towards retirement by now. Well, I’m sick of the bullsh*t everybody says I have to buy into. I’m not unimportant just because I don’t have those things. 

To all the ones out there who are like me, I have this to say: let your feet wander so that you can get lost. 

You don’t have to have your life figured out by the age of 20, or 25, or even 27. Let your feet wander so tnat you can get lost. 

You don’t have to have your feet firmly planted in a career that you hate just so you feel secure. 

Sometimes I think we listen too much to those around us & we end up living a miserable life because we didn’t ever wander, we didn’t ever adventure, we didn’t ever get lost. 

I’m not saying go back packing, or move to a foreign country. Hey, if you want to though, then do it. I’m just saying be open to the possibilities around you. Don’t have your feet so firmly planted somewhere that when life comes to give you a little push, you’re not able to take a step forward because you’ll be stuck in years of dry cement. 

Let your feet wander so that you can get lost. 

Lost in life. 

Lost in circumstance. 

Lost in chance.

Go get lost in something you’d never dream you’d actually want to be a part of because once you’re there you might actually love it. 

Wander. Get lost. Enjoy life. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who thinks she’s ready to wander & get lost for a bit 


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