monday morning encouragement: sometimes you just need a different perspective 

Lately I feel like I am the queen of dodgeball city & life just keeps trying to knock me out of the game with all the power wound up behind it’s mighty throw of that hard to grip red plastic gym ball. Quite an opening sentence, am I right? But you totally get what I’m saying. 

Life is trying to kill me. Literally. I feel like I’m suffocating on air. Air. The one thing that is supposed to be sustaining me, & I feel like I’m drowning because of it. The day to day is becoming hard to handle & I’m barely able to make it through days without going crazy. 

If you’ve ever had a time in your life where you’ve felt this way, then good for you for making it to the other side. If you haven’t yet experienced this, just wait, chaos comes. And if you’re currently in it like me, keep breathing. Air is good for you, remember that. 

I read a tweet the other day that stuck with me & it can basically be summed up to “your grievances aren’t for nothing”. Wow. Think about that. We all grieve. We all feel so much emotion (categorized as air for some) on the daily. Some handle it better than others. Some don’t know how to handle it at all. But, it’s not for nothing. 

That small phrase gave me so much hope. Like, hey it’s cool you’re drowning in life, it’s cool you’re sad or angry or confused or at a loss for words. But, it’s not for nothing meaning something good will come of it. How hopeful. 

Some people give up when they’re feeling alone & stranded. Some people want to quit. But today I want to tell you to not! Your pain is not for nothing. Your loneliness is not for nothing. It will all be worth something once you’re done going through it. 

Sometimes we just need a different perspective. Take this one: your grievances aren’t for nothing. 

You’ll come out alive, & breathing well on the other side. Life just needs you to struggle here for a bit to show you something. Hold onto that hope because sometimes you just need a different perspective. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by the true queen of handball, not dodgeball actually 






One response to “monday morning encouragement: sometimes you just need a different perspective ”

  1. Kelly Avatar

    I love your way with words. Like you, I believe it’s all for a reason. The bad times make us more grateful for the good times. Life is crazy!!!! Life is an experience. It’s good to be alive ❤

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