i can’t get enough of enamel pins

If you own a jean jacket (or are currently on the hunt for a new one like me) then it’s most likely decked out in pins!!! They’re a great way to add personality & character to your wardrobe because they say so much in all their one-inch glory. Punny ones. Food ones. Unicorn ones. Tv show ones. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for because they make them all. Here’s a round up of my favorite pins I’ve found & some that I’m wanting for myself! 

This Peace Out Pin is just the cutest & makes the most simplest of statements without having to say a word. 

Because honestly, who doesn’t love Unicorns.

I’m sure the feelings are mutual on this one. Just wanna let everyone know, I will Erase You.

  Who doesn’t want to wear a Taylor Swift pin? 
It’s a Pizza Pin. Need I say more? 

Because we need to band together, am I right Girls?

Simple Girl, Simple Needs. So simply put. 
It’s called Babe Shark. I need this. 
Umm, it’s an Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s your childhood dream. 

You can find the Fries Before Guys pin from the cover photo here. And I’m sorry that most of these were food related. But I’m also not sorry about that at all. Let your inner freak flag fly & if that so happens to correlate mostly around food, then so be it! 

Where do you buy your pins? 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve, or ya know, at least on your jacket 


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