monday morning encouragement: there was another time in my life

There was another time in my life where I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplish. Playing softball on a varsity team. Attending a four year college. Not kissing someone until my wedding day. Being married & done having kids by the time I turned twenty-five. I “lol” super hard at that last one. 

When you’re young you have all these dreams that you think you want to come true. You work super hard at trying to be something that you think will make your life grand. But how are you supposed to determine your whole life when you don’t even know who you are yet? 

I’m glad I stopped paying softball in high school because I got a job instead & learned that I loved working with kids. It’s okay with me that I never went to college because I appreciate the life experience I gained a whole lot more. Kissing, yeah, kinda happy & kinda mad I didn’t wait on that one. And that whole marriage & baby thing? I’m still wanting that eventually, but I’m okay with getting to live my life on my own before having to sacrifice so much to have a family. 

Life changes. And that’s okay. You change. And that’s okay. You can’t assume what’s ahead. You can’t guess where your life will end up. Because honestly, none of us know. All you can do is live & hope for the best.

What goals do you feel like you’ve given up on, or have no way of ever obtaining? I want you know that it’s okay that your life has changed course. It doesn’t mean you failed. It doesn’t mean you suck at life. It just means you didn’t know what life had planned for you instead. 

I want you to give yourself grace.

Yes, grace. 

It means to know you are human. To know you’re not perfect. To know that you still matter & are loved, even if you feel like you’ve let yourself or others down. 

There was another time in my life where I would have laughed at you if you ever told me I’d be 23, single, living with my parents, nannying full time, & running a blog that lets me voice who I am both locally & afar. I’d laugh super hard, especially because I used to think I was always right. 

But now that I’m at this time in my life, I’m so grateful for being wrong on who I thought I’d be. I’m glad to be at this time in my life, exactly where I’m at, doing exactly what I’m doing. 

They’ll be another time in my life where I look back on this time & wish I was here again. So for now, I’ll just be content being here in this time. And I want to encourage you to do the same. 

Give yourself some grace, know that you still have so much life to live, & don’t worry about any other time then right now. 

— abbey kay 

*brought to you by a girl who has a relient k song stuck in her head & just based this whole piece off a line in that song cause sorry guys, fan-girling forever (& they’re coming out with a new album this summer!!!!) 


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