monday morning encouragement: heeey! what you do matters 

 Today has just been one of those days. Stayed up too late. Slept in too long. Drank my wake-up ritual warm lemon water when it had already turned cold. Finished my morning coffee just before noon. Everything was delayed & behind, but I somehow managed to squeeze a cooked breakfast in amongst all the chaos of babies showing up & asking for snacks before 9am. 

Let’s be real: most of my mornings look like this. 

I’m not someone who wakes up in a happy mood. I’m not someone who drinks their coffee first thing in the morning. I’m a sloooww mover when I wake up & I like it that way. 

Sometimes I wish that I had somewhere to be all ready & showered & put together & clean. I wish I could rush out the door & drive to work. I wish I could get mad because I’m always constantly late. But, in all honesty, I love being able to work from home & have happy little baby feet fill my house with mud & dirt & sometimes dog poop. I love that my coffee gets cold because someone needs their diaper changed, or cries for a kiss cause they bonked their head, or demands “anodder cacker, peese”. 

I’m not a mom yet, I’m just a nanny. But there’s some sort of joy in taking care of helpless little humans who need guidance & repeated commands all day long. 

I get told often that what I do is not a real job. I don’t know if it’s out of jealousy because I get to stay home & work, or if it’s because I do the job of a mom & people see that as not a job at all. 

But the way I see it is someone has to take care of people’s babies. Sometimes mom’s have to work, & I’m so grateful that there are momma’s out there who choose to share their babies with me while I wait to have some of my own. I hope that if I have to work one day as a mom, someone will love my kids the way I love the ones I watch everyday. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that your job, or what you do everyday, may not matter to some, but it matters to somebody. The daily grind of your “work” matters. The tasks you manage & get done matter. The bathrooms you clean matter. The papers you file matter. The orders you fill, they matter. We need every job known to man in order to function as a world. 

Heeey! What you do really, truly matters. So, do it well & do it right. Because there are some people who are counting on you. 

—abbey kay

*brought to you by a tired nanny who should probably get a little bit more organized (but probably won’t, cause like it matters) 






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