why i chose to write about life, style, & encouragement 

It’s been about nine or so months since I switched the direction of my blog over from daily outfits to more writing & fuller content. I added in weekly encouragement posts, styled photo shoots, posts on where I’m at in life, & some random things in between. Fashion has been a love of mine for years now, but there’s more to life than the seemingly shallowness it can accidentily create. I wanted to let myself dig deeper to share on the realness of the everyday & where life can sometimes unexpectedly take us. I wanted to make a place that portrayed different aspects of the world we live in that affect us all. So today, I want to open up a bit & be real on why I chose to change this space to allow it to focus on three main things: life, style, & encouragement. 


We’re all in this uncontrolling never ending cycle of time that we call life. Living life is inevitable & it’s something we’re literally all born to do. Live life. Get a life. Have a life. Create a life. Life is what you make it. That’s some of the things people say about “life”. But sometimes, I think life happens to us & we have no idea how to stop it or how to handle it. Life can be so overwhelming & we can often feel like we’re living it alone. Life is hard. And I want you all to know that. Life is almost never easy. Has anyone ever told you that? Because I will. Life sucks sometimes.  I want to be real when it does. I want to tell you that it’s okay to think or feel this way. Life can be oh so great, but sometimes, it’s just honestly not. And that’s okay, but also, know this: life is important. Your life is important. And I want to share life with you. Because sometimes being honest & real is what can sometimes make life better. So I vow to write about life, & the good, the bad, the ugly, the beauty, the pain, the fear, the joy, the unknown, & the happiness it can bring.


I never thought I’d be someone who would live life through a creative lens. Being creative is something I thought I’d never be because I honestly don’t carry a single crafting gene in my body. But over the past few years I’ve developed a love for seeing ways things can be put together to create a certain aestethic or style. Style is something that can be expressed in so many ways & I find such a joy in discovering my own. I love seeing & sharing the style of others I’ve discovered that help influence my style as well. Style can’t be bottled up, sold, or told how to be made. It’s too powerful in it’s uniqueness to conform to one “it” thing. There’s style in the way you dress, the way you create, the way you decorate, the way you live, the way you present yourself, & in every single aspect of life. It’s all around us. I want to share that. So whether it’s through my creativeness or someone else’s creative dream, I want to be a platform that shows style in so many, well, styles. 


Remember how I said life sucks sometimes? Well it does, & you’re a liar if you say it doesn’t. And sometimes the only thing that can get us through it is someone’s honest words of encouragement. That’s why every Monday I started bringing you a post of encouragement to start off the week with some realness & truth. Sometime I talk about how life gets better. Sometimes I talk about how you’re worth something greater. Sometimes I say that I don’t have the answer to anything, just like you. I think encouragement can come in different forms & mean something different to many people. Some say encouragement is supposed to always be positive. I say the most encouraging words are those that are real. So I’ll be real. I’ll be honest. Every week. Every post. I’ll write where I’m at & how I’m feeling. Because sometimes it’s encouraging to know you’re not alone in your darkness. Sometimes it’s encouraging to know that someone else is struggling also. Encouragement just means you’re not alone. So let’s not be alone together, okay?

This blog may change direction again in it’s due time. But for now, I hope that I can bring to you all that I have to offer on the subjects of life, style, & encouragement. I think these ideas are what encompass who I am right now. And I hope to share a bit of light in your life while exposing bits of mine. 

Let me know what you think below! I want this space to be a place of openness, honesty, & the knowledge that you can always be real.

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who’s life is currently being styled & is hoping to be a form of encouragement along the way 



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  1. The Stylish Starlet Avatar
    The Stylish Starlet

    Great post, really enjoyed reading it 🙂

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