monday morning encouragement: what in life is truly worth it? 

Eventually we all come to a point in our lives where we question whether or not the time, money, or energy we spent on something was truly worth it. We wonder where things went wrong, or how we could have done some other things better. We overthink different choices that we may not have thought on long enough before making them. We contemplate what decisions were worth it, or not.

Right now, I’m at that point & I’m questioning everything. 

I’ve been up literally working since 6:30am & I just signed up to work 10 hour days because of it. Every single day. But the joy this new addition to my nanny clan brings me seems that this decision of getting less sleep was worth it.

My car stopped working last week (again), & all the money I’ve put into it last year to fix this same problem is adding up to be not worth it.

The fact that I just entertained six kids simultaneously during art time means that the $1 dollar paint purchase was completely worth it.

Learning that being honest sometimes has hurtful consequences is proving that honesty is not always worth it.

Being a major creeper & taking so many photos of my grandpa while he was alive is something that was so worth it.

Pizza. In the moment = worth it. In the long run when your pants don’t fit the same = not worth it. 

Still choosing to write this post though the morning is now long gone is worth it.

Some of these choices affect other people. Some of them only affect me, or just a moment. But some of these decisions may change me for the rest of my life. And I might never truly know what exactly was worth it or not. But I do know this…

To the people I’ve hurt, it wasn’t worth it. 

When I’ve made comments that were not okay, it wasn’t worth it. 

The times I was selfish & only thought of myself, it wasn’t worth it. 

The pain I’ve caused because of my words, it wasn’t worth it. 

The anger I’ve delivered because of my choices, it wasn’t worth it. 

I’ve messed up a lot recently, & I’m finding out that not everything is easily forgivable. Not everyone will think giving you a second chance is worth it. Well, learn from me & try to make decisions based on knowing whether the outcome will be worth it, or not. Factor in how your decisions, or the things that come out of your mouth will have affect on someone else. 

Because thinking of this before you speak, act, or move, I’ve noticed, is worth it.

I’m not sure if telling the truth is worth the reaction. I don’t know if hurting someone is worth the risk. And I can’t tell you if the pain of heartache is ever worth the joy of love. But finding out as you learn from it always is. So what in life is truly worth it? I don’t know, but I’m slowly figuring out that there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve said & done that really hurt an important person to me, & it was just simply not worth it. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who’s so unsure if what she’s done was worth it or not 


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