monday morning encouragement: don’t fear the unexpected because sometimes it leads to the bits of good that life knows you need to see 

I am someone who hates the unexpected. I don’t like when things become out of routine. I don’t like when things change last minute. I don’t do well when new circumstances just seem to pop up out of no where. I don’t handle any of these situations well. And lately, I feel like when one unexpected thing happens another one follows soon after. I’m at a point of being done, throwing in the towel & saying screw you life, you win. 

Lately, life has been hard. I feel like nothing is going right. Brokenness, including my own, is all around me. Suffering is real & it’s happening. Live’s are changing for both the worse & the better. Things are evolving & nothing is staying the same. In my little world of complacency, I’m at a loss of words seeing all the damage I’ve created, been a part of, or have unknowingly witnessed. I’ve lived in a tiny little perfect bubble & apparently life thinks I’ve lived there long enough. 

Well, pop! says life to me.

My life has changed so much the past few months & it was really something I just wasn’t ready for. And if I’m being honest, which I always am, I just want to crawl inside my bed & literally never come out. I want to flee. I want to hide. I want to act like life should just stay still & the same & never change. I want to avoid the good & the bad I’ve had to face. I want to escape the unexpected. I want to make life not happen.

Though I fear the unexpected most of all, I’m slowly seeing that it sometimes leads to the good I need to see & often miss out on. I’ve realized that if I don’t get pushed, or more like forced, out of my comfort zone then I’m never going to grow or see the potential life really has in store for me. Sometimes life is scary. Sometimes life is sad. But sometimes life is so, so good! Sometimes life is completely joyful & you need to fully embrace that, not run from it because it seemed to come out of the blue.

I know that life is full of the unexpected & the easier thing to do (for me) would be to fear it. But I need to know that it sometimes leads to the good life knows I need to see. Sometimes, I just have to hold fast & brave the storm of the unexpected to get to the other side where my dreams might live. 

Today, know that the unexpected will surely come, but when it does, look for the good that can come out of it. Because when you see the good, life & the unexpected just seem so much more worth it. 
— abbey kay
*brought to you by a girl who’s current life is full of the unexpected 






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