the lace-up trend & where to buy them

Last summer the free spirited & scandalous style of lace-up tops came onto the scene & were everywhere. Basically it’s a top or dress or blouse that literally laces up the front or side like that of a shoe, just more feminine & definitetly sexier. The lace-up addition can be anywhere from a few inches to even as far down as the waist. I finally made the plunge (pun intended) & bought my first pieces with the style this last fall. I am in love with the look & the appeal of the style & honestly can’t get enough of it! I get asked all the time about where to buy them & since I am apparently the queen of internet shopping in my friend circle, I figured I’d help my girls out & share all my secrets. So keep reading & get your lace-up on!

lace up red

whiiiite lace


I have a major girl crush on Lux Clothing & they’ve got me blushing just enough to admit it. They have the most girly delicate styles including the lace-up trend. I love this red dress with bell sleeves which also comes in black, this embroidered white dress is the cutest, & I’m in love with this romper that they carry in other colors too. Check out their site for even more lace-up styles that they’re always adding! 


One of my favorite online sites to shop from is Top Knot Goods. They carry the best pieces with an old school vibe that can only be found in this unique LA based company. I own this fuzzy lace-up sweater from them & I absolutely love it. It’s also on sale right now too, so bonus!


body suit

backHave you ever heard of Nasty Gal? It’s a company that was started by vintage fashion lover, Sophia Amoruso, on Ebay that has bloomed into a multi-million dollar company in less than 10 years. She wrote a book all about it & you should totally read #GIRLBOSS like right now! Anyways, they’re a great site to find the latest trends. I have this white body suit that I got from another site that I can’t get enough of, & this alternative take on the lace-up style is a super cute way to wear the trend. 


envyMy life goal is to make sure I’m always Pursuing My Life’s Obsession, which is what PYLO is all about. They are killer at the boho trend & it’s totally evident with this white blouse from them. And I really love this cropped version they have to offer too.

As you can see this style is honestly so versatile & that’s why I love it. You can either wear it like it is or throw on a bandeau or cropped cami underneath like this one from Top Shop like I sometimes do to feel more comfortable. Either way, I hope you try this trend because it’s so much fun to wear & you’ll get all the stares. If you’re looking for a swimsuit version of this trend then check out Strange Bikinis & if you’re local to Reno then head to C.u.l.t.u.r.e or Dressed Botique in the midtown area to find some lace-up pieces as well.


Hope this post helped to accomplish all of your lace-up dreams! Follow along on my Instagram (@abbekayblog) to see how I style my lace-up pieces!

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who loves to be adventurous & daring with what she wears  





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