monday morning encouragement: you just gotta be real 

  Let’s be real for a sec, I am not a morning  person. I like staying up late. I hate waking up. And I’m not someone who feels fully alert until mid afternoon. So why in the heck do I even offer a series of posts called Monday morning encouragement? I should really write posts around midnight & share my night owl wisdom because I hardly have the energy to come up with good ideas on a whim most mornings. 

And I know what you’re thinking… But it’s the Internet Abbey, you can write things ahead of time & schedule them to post bright & early while you sleep your little head away. True. So, true. But has a friend of yours ever “planned” a moment of advice when you’ve come to them for some sort of need? I highly doubt it. And I don’t want to fake my way around here. Because sometimes in life I think we all are in need of true authenticity. We just need things in the moment. We need the real. And I love to bring that to you the only way I know how: by being inconsistent in time, scattered in thought, & simply real.

Today, I want you to know that being real is one of the best qualities in life you can have. Being true & open & honest in every moment life allows you to is truly the best way to live. I think when we do this we’re able to live life on a deeper level. We can connect more, connect better, & connect in a way that most of society says we ought not to. 

I’m really not a morning person. And I really sometimes have no idea how I’m going to encourage you guys each & every Monday morning, or ya know, barely before noon so it’s still considered morning kind of. But, I’m being real & today I only ask that you strive to be to. 

So let’s be real.

When it’s hard. When it’s challenging.  When we want to run the other way. When we want to give up. When we have something to say. When we don’t know what we’re feeling. When we have nothing left to give. Let’s make a promise to ourselves. Let’s just be real. 

That totally counts as being encouraging, right? It probably doesn’t, but hey, I just woke up (like this) & that’s all I’ve got for today. And I’m just being real.

— abbey kay
*brought to you by someone who’s greatest disadvantage in life is sometimes being too real 


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