a letter to myself: hey you, know what you’re worth

 This post isn’t for you today. It’s for me. I need a reminder. I need to tell myself a little something. So here I go…

“Hey you, know what you’re worth.”

Did you hear me? Know what you’re worth. Because I think you sell yourself short all the time. You get so wrapped up in this idea of letting others form the definition of what you deserve. When did you start doing that? Because I’ve noticed it becoming more and more the norm over the past few years. You base it off this lower level of circumstance that you think is the highest level you can attain. But, don’t you know you’re worth more than that? You should never let any other voice be louder than your own. Because you deserve so much more than that. Don’t you know you’re worth it?

You don’t deserve to be ignored. You don’t deserve to be considered second best in any situation. You don’t deserve to be taken advantage of at all. Stop being blinded by the romanticized exterior of the opportunity to feel something. You know you’re just setting yourself up for pain & hurt, & the inevitable fall when you dance with temptation. So please, know what you’re worth. And don’t settle for anything less than that.

The best things in life truly are worth waiting for, so wait, & wait some more. Don’t rush. Don’t twist the truth to make it seem less darker than what you already know it to be. You know what I’m talking about. Let go of that, it doesn’t need to hold you back anymore. Because you are worth more than you could ever imagine, more than you could ever even dream.

Quit living in this tiny box of suffocating hopes that will never be. Your worth isn’t based off of circumstance. It isn’t based off of emotion. It isn’t based off of vulnerability or complacency, or even the affirming words of another. Your worth cannot waver or deter. It is fact. It is evident. It exists because you do. 

I know right now you’re in a pit that you think you have no way of climbing out of. But have you tried? Climb. Right now. Get out of that muddy hole & see the stains be wiped clean. You do not have to stay stuck just because it’s easy. Know what you’re worth, because where your life ends up literally depends on the knowledge of it. 

So, hey you, do you know what you’re worth? Because you’re worth the limits of the sky. And if you can’t see that just yet, then open your eyes, look up, & reach for the possibility of one day truly, truly believing that. 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who just needed a reminder today 


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