monday morning encouragement: you are still loved today


I don’t know how your yesterday went. Whether it was great & fantastic, or it felt lonely & like you were forgotten, I want you to know one thing: you are still loved today. 

Flowers smells so nice & are really colorful & pretty, but they eventually whither. Chocolate is the best invention ever, but the guilt of eating too much is all that’s left behind today. Cards get lost. Ribbons get thrown away. And today is just like any other Monday morning. 

Except, you are still loved today.

If you spent yesterday alone. If you spent it surrounded by friends. If you spent it with Netflix. If you spent it with someone who’s name you can’t remember because you were too focused on letting them fill a deeply rooted void. Know this truth…

You are still loved today.  

Love is not supposed to come & go. Love does not supposed to pack up & leave. Love is not purchased on a shelf. It is not something to just be forgotten about. 

Love is everlasting. Love is something you are worthy of. Love is something you deserve. Love, is an act of giving selflessly to another. Love is sacrifice. Love is joy. Love is more than just a day. Love is bold. Love is a fight. Love endures. 

I don’t know what your yesterday looked like, but I want you to know that today you are still loved.
—abbey kay

*brought to you by a heart whose main concern is to love & be loved in return 


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