valentine’s day gift guide 

It’s the month of red hearts & candy messages & all things mushy gushy relating to consumeristic love. I’ve never been a big fan of this month & the holiday it holds because I was never huge on the idea of a love that seemed to just float around & come about on a day marked with fourteen. But the cool thing about getting older is that you learn that love comes in all different types of ways & it’s okay to confidently proclaim the state of love or lack-there-of that you’re in. Whether you’re in a relationship, a true friendship, alone with your cats (dogs in my case), or a total #girlboss running your own show, this post is still for you. I’ve rounded up all the cool hip things that I’d love to get from a loved one, a friend, a boy, or myself on this Valentine’s Day. So read on & spread the love!

The XO Collection by  The Created Co. is one of the cutest collection of love mugs I have ever seen. Whether they’re for yourself or a friend, they’d be a real treat!

Girl, you’re Cute But Kinda Weird. And we all need this tee from Daisy Natives to explain ourselves to the ones we roll with. 

If your girl loves pizza, & let’s be real, is she even human if she doesn’t, then get her this After This We’re Getting Pizza water bottle. Because can do no wrong & neither can you when you buy this gift for someone you love! 

You’re Just My Type. Witty, cute, & oh so true! Kelsey of Honey and the Hive is just so talented & she’s even making a sassy version of this print for V-day too. Follow her IG (@honeyandthehive) for the release!
Chocolates that are too cute to eat? This Yes, Chocolate Box from Maggie Louise Confections is your go-to for a decedent chocolate experience. I’d marry a dude on the spot if he got me some of these. 

Do you know what a Chatbook is? Well you should! It’s a company that collects & prints your Instagram pics for you & binds them up in a cute little keepsake book. You can merge feeds, print hashtags, & pick what you want on each page. If you have a girl (or friend!) who loves the gram, then this little gift will mean so much to her! 

Sticking with the pink & love theme of the holiday, this Handwoven Pink Blanket from Tribe & True will be a for sure win in your girls eyes. Cozy? Cute? Looks like you’re about to cuddle! You’re welcome. 

My girl Melissa George of Walter & George is making just a few limited edition clutches like these for Valentine’s Day. Get these before they’re gone, & follow her Instagram (@walterandgeorge) for the release details!

If she likes to be all natural & healthy & wants all that wrapped up in a good hair/skincare line then get your girl (or yourself) somethin from the Bloke Body line. She’ll thank you later!

If your girl doesn’t like socks, then what the heck are you even doing with her? Snag her a pair of these Take It Or Leaf It socks from Woven Pear. And then tell her to take it (your heart) or leave it. 

If I were dating anyone beside myself I’d be swooning over anyone of of these gifts above. But I’d also just be completely content with a box filled with donuts or pizza. Either way, I want you to know that you are completely loved & adored this Valetine’s season. That love doesn’t have to come from a significant other, it can come from yourself, your value, your purpose, your friend, or that pizza I mentioned above. Love isn’t bound to a gift or a holiday. Love is lived in daily life. You’re loved, you’re worthy of love, & you deserve the best! 

Happy Valentine’s Day season to all you love nerds out there, & to everyone else, just be glad that a holiday surrounding chocolate exists! 

— abbey kay

*brought to you by a girl who is perfectly content with being her own Valentine 






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