monday morning encouragement: there’s no time to waste 

If I’ve learned anything these last few months it’s that life moves on whether you’re ready for it to or not. It doesn’t give you a warning sign or send you a notice in the mail. It doesn’t wait for you to build courage or strength. It just races forward & the only option you have is to jump on board & hope you can hold on tight enough to not fall flat on your face.  Because if you don’t then it’ll all just pass you by & you’ll wonder where the moments of your life went. 

Sometimes in life, there are things we just can’t control: someone dying, someone leaving, someone hurting, someone lying, or someone changing while you stay the same. The uncontrollable list of things in life we can’t control just goes on & on. These things are road blocks that pop up & make us take an alternative route, one we hadn’t ever dreamed of taking. Sometimes this is good, & sometimes it takes longer for us to see the good in it. Either way, there’s only one thing we need to know in the end…

There’s no time to waste. 

Life moves quick & it does so whether you like it or not, & there’s honestly not a single moment you can waste. It’s all too precious. It’s all too special. Don’t waste your time, & don’t you dare waste someone else’s. Live in the moment. Live in the now. Think about how what you’re doing today that will help better your tomorrow & all the tomorrow’s after that.

Nothing is promised in this world except life & death. But you get to decide what to do with the time allotted in between. I hope you do something spectacular with it. I hope you do things that matter. I hope you don’t waste a single moment of your day & that each minute is justified with purpose. 

If you haven’t started living your life just yet, start doing it now. Because, there’s no time to waste! 

—abbey kay

*brought to you by someone who’s clinging tightly onto the speeding train of life & hoping she doesn’t fall off  






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