abbey kay lately: my current life

  Lately, my brain & life have been so scattered. I’ve been out of picture posting routine on my Instagram, I’ve been staying up way too late, & I haven’t been as intentional with most of my friendships as I’d like to be. My mind is jummbled with all these ideas & I just haven’t had the discipline to write them down so I can bust them out. Everything is just in tornado survival mode. So since I’m nuts & am no good at letting y’all in the loop, I thought I do a quick what I’m up to lately post. I’ve only ever done one of these since I switched my blog over from strictly fashion to a little bit of everything this past summer. I’d love to do them more frequently, so hold me to it guys! But here we go, let’s kill this Abbey Kay lately post.

I’m gonna be bold & start out super honest. Just about three months ago my grandpa passed away out of no where. He was super old, so it was expected to eventually happen but it literally happened within a week of the first health concern. So, I’m dealing with that all right now. I know it’s been a bit, but it was seriously super tramatic to me. He was my favorite person in the world & I still have really hard days. I’m writing up a piece all about that week. Not sure if I’ll post it yet, but it’s all beng written down & let out. Okay, let’s move to happy stuff, cause tears!

Right now I’m currently working on a few collaborations with some awesome companies that I love so much! I’m keeping it a secret until it’s time to reveal, but I’m really stoked on it! You guys will love it too, I promise.

I’m all about listening to Jessie J & Cher Lloyd right because total #GIRLBOSS status with the two of them. And I’m always down with a tune that has some heart in it, but also a lot of sass too. Check them out!

My parents will be married for 35 years in April, (go mom & dad!), & they were wanting to take our family on a big trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate. But my sister-in-law got preggo so we had to switch around our plans. So instead we’re taking a five day trip to San Fransico because we can drive there. I’m currently dreaming up all the coffee & donuts shops I can indulge in, all the pretty stores I can visit, & all the adeventures I’ll make my family go on. I can’t wait for this trip this spring!

Oh yeah, I’m going to be an auntie! Big news. And I’m seriously so excited about it. An aunt is something I’ve never been before so I can’t wait to get the kid & me some pretty cool matchng clothes. Boy or girl, I don’t care! We’re gonna match & be oh so cute!

Tomorrow morning I’m attempting to something reall fun with my hair. Not spilliing the beans on this one, but you can follow my Snapchat story to get the early details (@abbeykayblog). Or as always follow either one of my Instagrams to see some after pics (@abbeyykayy) & (@abbeykayblog).

How did I not tell you guys this, but I am now an amassador for BANGS Shoes. I’ll share more about the opportunity & the company later. But for now check them out!

I’m reading this book that will totally wreck your heart on the idea of love, sex, & marriage. Loveology. Read it guys, like woah. Just do it.

I used to be the fashion guru of my crew. Never repeating outfits. Always having the coolet threads. I mean, that’s all still pretty true. But lately I’m so into minimilistic pieces that I can just wear the heck out of. I nanny at home five days a week, & only escape my house on the weekends. So why do I need so many clothes?!? I legit don’t. I’m seriously loving playing with the simple pieces I have & am enjoying getting all the bang for my buck.

Coffee. That’s life. Always. Everyday. Forever. Brewed at home. Consumed in a shop. I don’t care. Give it to me, & let me take pictures of it. That is all I need in life! Just kidding, so not true. But it has been one of my most recent current joys. You can follow the journey along with the hashtag #abbeykayscoffee. Yeah, I have my own hashtag. I know I’m soooo cool & so lame at the exact same time.

Annnnddddd, pretty sure that’s it. That’s my current life. Are you glad you’re all caught up? I’m glad you are, & am so glad you care enough to follow. As always, thanks for reading & letting me share & write all about life, style, & encouragement. Love you all & have a killer adventerous weekend!

 — abbey kay

*brought to you by an unorganized girl living in a #GIRLBOSS world  






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  1. Shannon Waisath Avatar

    Love it! Any tips on how to become brand ambassadors? Did you reach out to them, or do they reach out to you?

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