monday morning encouragement: take the time to color, because there’s always a silver lining 

 Today I am spent. Nothing seems to be going right. I feel too over my head in too many things. The habits & ways of other people are really driving me crazy lately. I’m tired. I’m sad. I’m a girl & I’m over it. 

It would be easy for me to just give up on project a & never begin project b. I could really just wallow in my self loathing moment & stay here for quite some time. Or, I can make a choice to turn it around & take the time to color. 

Yep. Take the time to color, because there’s always a silver lining.

This morning I sat down between diaper changes & baby meltdowns, after breakfast & before the coffee, in between the screaming & the pushing, & decided to take the time to color with the little babies that I nanny. 

It wasn’t a big task. It wasn’t some Picasso masterpiece that we all just created around the kitchen table. But, it gave me a simple moment of stillness & joy. And that is what we are all truly missing when we are drowning in the chaos. 

We’re missing the joy.

We’re missing the stillness.

We’re not taking the time to color & enjoy the simple pleasures that life gives us every single day. We’re missing it. We’re missing the silver lining. 

I know you’re tired. I know you’re busy. I know that the above said projects really cannot wait. But they must, as least for a bit.

Take the time to color because there’s always a silver lining & I promise it’s not something you will ever regret you did. 

—abbey kay

*brought to you by someone who needs all the joy & stillness she can get today 






One response to “monday morning encouragement: take the time to color, because there’s always a silver lining ”

  1. Julianna Avatar

    Yey you for seeing that you needed the break/energy-shift, and then for making it happen! That’s the best we can do, after all.. 😊

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