monday morning encouragement: all you can do is try, & then try harder 

  It’s the beginning of the year, the beginning of the month, the beginning of the week today, & we’re all hoping that it’s a better beginning. We want a better us. We want a better life. We want better health, a better body, a better mindset; overall a better world we surround ourselves in. But odds are these feelings & ideas will soon fade as the calendar pages pass us by. Why is this? Why do we ultimately give up, sulk about it, & whine over the fact that we as humans suck at true commitment? 

Well, I personally don’t have the answer to this, & I’m not someone to take advice from. I not a huge goal setter. I don’t believe in myself. And I cringe at the first sign of any slight challenge. But this year, today, I will say one thing: all you can do is try, & then try harder.

You might not accomplish all you set out to do, but you can at least try. You might have good intentions of hitting the gym every day, skipping the donuts in the break room, or allowing yourself less screen time. Sadly though, you most likely won’t be able to do this perfectly, but you can try. 

They say you end up regretting not the things you failed at doing, but the things you failed even attempting to do. I like those words they said, though I don’t know who “they” are exactly. I like the idea of pushing yourself to at least try something instead of not trying it at all. 

Failure doesn’t mean you lose, it means your learned. So try, & then try harder when the failure comes. Grow, learn, adjust. That’s life. That’s trying. That’s how you make it out alive (or dead).

So this year as the new beginnings of things are hopeful, as the bettering begins, remember that all you can do is try, & then try harder, my friends! Because out of your attempt, you will succeed at something. 
— abbey kay 
*brought to you by a coffee, a donut, & a quiet coffee shop’s brick wall





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