monday morning encouragement: when all hope seems to be lost, it’s really not

 If you’re friends with me for more than a week then you’ll soon found out that I’m pretty clumsy. Last weekend for instance, I fell down the stairs at my friend’s house because my shoes slipped. The weekend before that I hit my head climbing into my own car. And this past weekend I totally dropped my half eaten donut on the floor at my favorite coffee shop while trying to get a “cool” Instagram picture. Basically, I am a walking disaster creating self destruction with every other step I take. I naturally live a life of embarrassment & it’s just who I am. 
I often contemplate throwing in the towel of life & giving into the idea of never leaving my house ever again. And trust me, some days I do choose this. I could forever just wallow in my clumsy actions & feel one inch tall from the stares around me. I could totally succumb to a life of being ashamed of my laughable antics. Or, I can choose to walk in confidence & create a life where my reactions change my perspective of situations.

You don’t have control over what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it.

When I fell down the stairs I just laughed because it’s honestly not the first time I’ve done that & it probably won’t be the last. When I smacked my head on my car, it made me slow down the rest of that week because I’m pretty confident I gave myself a mini concussion, & the well needed rest was a blessing in disguise. When I dropped my donut in front of a coffee shop full of people, & yes they all turned their heads & saw it, I just laughed, brushed it off, & the kind barista gave me a second donut to take home. So luckily that situation lead to more donuts for me, which is always a good thing.

All I’m trying to say is, when all hope seems lost, it’s really not. You have a choice to make things better. You can choose to not let circumstances define you, but instead know that they just help you to grow & know more about yourself.
The same day of the donut dropping disaster, when I went to leave the coffee shop, my car wouldn’t start. Like, not at all. Everyone in my immediate family who would have lovingly come to my rescue, besides my big bro who was with me, was more than an hour drive away & so we were basically stranded. We thought of all these plans on how to get home in the most convenient way possible to us. Like, calling Über & just leaving my car there. We could have easily been really upset that the rest of our day was ruined because of my dumb car choosing to be immobile. But instead, we called AAA like super responsible adults & chose to go get pizza while we waited almost two hours for the tow truck to show up. We made the best out of the unexpected events of the day. We didn’t let the bummer situation get us down. 

Life is a whirlwind of the unknown. It’s just a big forward motion of time & events & mishaps of outcomes that could never be predicted. When all hope seems to be lost, it’s really not though. Don’t let life get the best of you, instead, get the best out of it. 
— abbey kay





One response to “monday morning encouragement: when all hope seems to be lost, it’s really not”

  1. scarletpen28 Avatar

    I am very clumsy too. I’ve been known to trip over nothing, lol.

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