monday morning encouragement: remember what it’s all about 

It’s Christmas week! And that’s the most exciting thing ever. But today, you’re probably stuck at work, running around frantically finishing up shopping, or in a crowded loud house with your screaming  kids because they’re on school break. You’re most likely stressed, tired, over baking Christmas cookies, upset your pants don’t fit, & are just ready for the holidays to be over. And that’s okay. 

Today though, I want to encourage you to remember what it’s all about. I want to remind you that it isn’t about presents, it’s not about Pinterest perfect recipes, it’s not about supporting local shops, it’s not about a Chrisrmas tree, & it’s certainly not all about a fat guy with a beard. People, the holidays are nothing without love.

Love should be found in all things you do & it should only increase during the holidays. You should give because you love, not because you have to do it. You should bake for your neighbors & friends not out of obligation, but out of your love for them. You should donate not because it makes you feel good, but because it is good to do so. Love should flow from all things.

Without love in the holidays, it’s just a time of the year of give & take. It’s just a meaningless check list of do good, be good, so that you can end the year well & seem good. But none of us can live up to that standard of being perfect & good!

So this year, I want you to remember what it’s all about. Remember that you can’t do it all, & that’s okay, & everyone will still love you anyway. Remember that love should be the core of all our actions. Remember that your kids will still love you no matter what they receive under the tree. Know that you are loved deeply by those around you & by a God who uniquely created you. When you understand the love that’s been given to your through a selfless sacrifice, you then can do all things through a true & divine love.

This year, remember what it’s all about. Love.
Merry Christmas!
— abbey kay 



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