laugh a little: because tomorrow’s my birthday 

Tomorrow is my birthday, & the greatest gift of all is laughter. So if you want to get me a gift, then just read this post & laugh away. I feel like the Internet grabbed these thoughts straight out of my head. Except for the ones about food, those ones they took from my heart. I love food. You could get me food for my birthday too. I wouldn’t be mad about that one, but laughter works too because ya know, it’s free. Anyway, have a great day & laugh a little!

So cheers to celebrating my 95th birthday tomorrow because all I do is look at funny stuff on the Internet & laugh my life away. I’m just kidding, I’ll be 23! And I donut know about you, but I’m ready to be done feelin’ 22. Just kidding, I’m super sad that my year of the T-Swift 22 anthem is almost over. Here’s to hoping they’ll still like me when I’m 23 anyway…
— abbey kay






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