monday morning encouragement: be confident in who you are

Sometimes you find yourself at a standstill & you don’t know what to do. Your feet are firmly planted, but you can feel yourself start to sway from left to right. You need to move forward, but your mind is holding you back. You’re stuck in the ice & you don’t know if it’ll melt fast enough for you to escape. 

You can see the horizon, but honestly it feels so far away. And the more you stare at it, the further away it gets. You become discouraged & now you’ve lost your focus. Quickly everything has become a blur & you’re unsure of where you’re even at; you question everything. You doubt. You count yourself as down & out. You have given up.

But, take a look around, you were never standing in the snow, but instead a puddle. You were never stuck, you just let yourself believe you were. Don’t let yourself keep you from doing your greatest. Don’t let the hard obstacles stop you from even trying. You have mountains to climb & valleys to search. You have ideas to develop & dreams to produce. Take that first step forward because I promise you won’t regret it. You only regret the moves you don’t make—so make one & make it great. 

It might only be a Monday, but you could make this Monday different. You could make it count. Be confident in who you are & know that you can accomplish anything, but only if you actually try. Trust that you know who you are, but know that you are capable of more than you think. I believe in you. Now get out there, & let your confidence take you places you never knew existed. 

— abbey kay 






One response to “monday morning encouragement: be confident in who you are”

  1. S.J. Hamilton Avatar

    Great post 😀👍

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