gift guide: it’s (almost) my birthday 

December is the best month ever because it’s cold & festive, & everything is cheery & bright, & because it’s Christmas time, & also my birthday! I loved growing up with a birthday just a little over a week before Christmas because it felt like you got to celebrate it all month long. Most people think it would be the worst having a birthday during the holidays, but my parents were always really good about keeping the two separate & not letting the time of the year outshine the birthday every kid deserves to have. So to finish off gift guide week I’m bringing you all my Christmas/Birthday wishlist that I do every single year! Take a look below to see what I’m hoping to get under the tree this year, & ya know open up a week before too.

I think this darling diner mug is so simple & so cute. I love white mugs & believe picking one out each morning totally sets the mood for the day. I’d love to add this one to my collection!

Have you ever heard of Kinfolk Magazine? I bought my first issue ever this summer & I absolutely love it. The way they artfully display life, photography, & meaningful articles make for a great way to spend your down time. I’d love to get a supscription to the magazine or even just add a few more issues to my collection. 

This crewneck is my life. I need this in my life. And it’s only $19.90. Wink, wink.

I love the colors of this print from Honey & the Hive. Her artwork is amazing & I’d love to add this to my gallery wall.

I can’t get over the beauty that is this tray from Rose & Fitzgerald. Think of all the cute coffee pics you could snag with it!

I am obsessed with blankets & think this one is too cute & perfect. Adding it to my collections of blankets would be a treat. 

Lately, I’ve been really into home brewing coffee from all over so I’d love to get some locally roasted coffee from Hub Coffee Roasters for my birthday.

Plants that are tiny are much cuter. So I’d die if I got these handmade wooden planters. I’d also probably need a guide to keeping plants alive.

Poketo was my favorite little store that I visited while I was in LA last winter. These cute little notebooks from there would help keep my motivation at top notch like it was when I left that dreamy city.

Handmade items have got me swooning as of late & the story is the same with these tumblers from Chelspots. I love the uniqueness of each one & adore their quirkiness.

This might sound silly or unorthodox, but I’ve really been wanting to try some cookies from this tiny cookie company called Fruute. These salted carmel ones sound like a good place to start!

Toms shows have been in my closet for quite a few years now & they just keep getting better & better. These grey del-ray shoes would make a great addition to my switch to only ethical clothing in my closet.

To be honest, I don’t really need anything this holiday season. I already have so much! Stuff is so silly especially when we consider how easily it breaks, gets lost, forgotten, or thrown out. Making more conciuos purchases is the only dealt gift I seek. But, thanks for reading & I hope you enjoyed gift guide week! Have a gewse weekend guys!

— abbey kay



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