gift guide: all things dino

A part of me feels like dinosaurs never existed… Think about it! Just kidding, but I’m so glad that they did because now we have all these super cute dino shaped/themed things because of it. That’s right, the final wacky weird gift guide I’m bringing you guys this year is all things dino!!! You’re stoked. I know, so am I, & all your friends who still think they’re five are about to be too.

dino plant

A dino toy that has an air plant in it’s back? Adorbs.

d plate

I want this dino to crash all my parties.




Because dinosaurs can be sophisticated too.


Christmas trees are like prehistoric so your decorations should be too, right?


A dino printed rolling pin? Oh the possibilities.


So many colors. So many dinosaurs. It’s perfect.  

Dinosaur skulls & tape. They were always meant to be.
  The most adult way you can enjoy a dinosaur.
  To go with your adulting dinosaur ways from above.
Sophisticated dinosaur art exists too.
The coolest dino apparel aimed to keep you so warm.
When childhood meets adulthood. Boom, you’re welcome.
Cutest pattern ever. I’d just draw Dino’s in this book.

Because everyone’s wall needs a dinosaur coming out of it. Duh!
Who knew they made such cool dinosaur things? Me, I did. And that’s why I had to share the glory of it with all of you. I hope you enjoyed it & all my fun wacky gift guides this week. I just love giving something that will make someone laugh & I hope I’ve helped you to do the same!

Later today I’ll be sharing two more gift guides on a more serious note so stay tuned!

— abbey kay  



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