gift guide: all things pizza

Pizza. I’d be perfectly content if someone just got me a pizza for Christmas. They wouldn’t even have to put a bow on it. Just put the hot and ready box under the Christmas tree & I’d be one happy girl. But, for those of you who don’t like cold pizza, check out these fun pizza gifts that any human would love. Because we all know you’re not a real person if you don’t like pizza…

pizza tee

This pizza tee…

pizza mug

Matches this pizza mug, so why not get them both!

pizza socks

Pizza socks. And everything is right in the world.

pizza oranment

Christmas trees never looked so delicious, until now!

pizza sweatshirt

And neither has a human…

pizza card

Because who doesn’t want a pizza pun to describe their love?


For the illuminati pizza lover in you.


I know quite a few of us who really would.cookie

Pizza cookies for life!


Because some of us are more dedicated than others, clearly.


To keep your outsides warm while your daily pizza slice warms your insides.


For the more dramatic pizza lover in your life, i.e. me!



Some obsessions can & will go this far…


Because it’s not a crime to love pizza & candy too.


And getting your gifts in wrapping paper like this is as close to the real thing as you can get!


Now who’s having pizza for dinner? I know I probably am. And for lunch tomorrow, & for breakfast next Tuesday & for dessert because pizza knows no bounds. Pizza lovers unite! Or at least get/give a pizza themed gift or two. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another fun wacky gift guide! And spoiler, I’m giving you three of them on Friday so be sure to enter your email below so that you can start getting blog posts sent directly to your inbox. And as always follow me on Instagram (@abbeykayblog).


Happy Gift Guide Week! i just now named it that, no take backs!

— abbey kay






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