gift guide: all things cactus 

Cacti aren’t for the faint of heart because you don’t choose the cactus life, the cactus life chooses you. And if that statement pertains to someone in your life & you just know that the prickly succulent is what will make them happy this holiday, then you have come to the right place! I’ve rounded up all things cactus for that desert plant lover in your life. Get ready for the best gift guide the iconic southwest greenery has ever seen!

We all wish this print would grace our walls. Don’t we?
 Cactus tea light candles are totally a thing.
This tee is cool.
And so is this one!
Like really, don’t be.
Incase you’re feeling really festive, & cozy.
So many pretty cacti to strut & stuff.
Cactus tea towels. For your towels, & your tea.
Cactus coasters? Who knew you needed such a thing!
Cardboard cacti. For the friends who kill all things that need to live.
Because some people like to party from the moment you walk in the door.
This cactus (not middle finger) cookie cutter is so cool.
There’s just something about a cute notebook, even if you don’t write notes.
All I can say is heart eye emoji times three!
Or incase they can, just get them this instead.

Someone take me to Arizona where I can just live among the cacti forests. Those places exist right? It would be rad if they grew like the redwoods. I’m rambling… I’ll just settle having these cactus things & stay here dreaming. Hope you enjoyed today’s fun gift guide. There’s still a few more coming later in the week, so be sure to check back!
— abbey kay 





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