monday morning encouragement: just a quick reminder 

So often in life I think we let the opinions of others rule our lives as if what they have to say is the definite truth. We take something someone has to say about us & let it dictate the way we see ourselves or the things we’re involved in. But we all have opinions & they’re all influenced from our own points of view, so there’s honestly no possible way that everyone’s opinion is actually true. We need to comb through the opinions given in our life, find the joy we seek, & run with it.

Not everybody is going to understand why it is you do something that you do. Not everybody is going to be supportive of your passions. But that’s okay, you don’t need them to understand your vision. You know why you love whatever it is you love. It’s because it gives you joy. It’s because it gives you life. You have an end goal & you don’t need everybody to be onboard in order for you to reach it. You have a purpose & you just have to keep moving on.

Today’s encouragement is something that you need to press into every day. Everyday you need to remind yourself that their opinions don’t matter. Everyday you need to be confident in who you are & what you’re doing & know that you are enough. You’re brilliant. You’re talented. You can do whatever it is you set your mind to because you are a creative human being & your ideas are important. 

Don’t let others stop you from doing what you love. Don’t let their opinions weigh doubt on your dreams. The world needs your perspective to be expressed so please don’t ever stop sharing it, don’t ever let someone quiet your voice. 

Here’s just a quick reminder for you: your life has a specific path that only you can wander on. So wander, get lost, & make something beautiful out of it. 

— abbey kay






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