gift guide: all things mugs

It’s almost December & Christmas & my birthday & that means it’s time to give gifts guys. So this week I’m bringing you some fun gift guides that are sort of whacky themed. We’re starting out with all things mugs because who doesn’t love mugs? I sort of collect them & so does my sister-in-law. We basically only buy each other coffee mugs as gifts. Our collections are so huge & the addiction is so real that when we buy a mug for the other we usually end up buying ourselves the same mug because we like it so much. Yeah, we’re those weridos except it’s totally not weird because it’s completely awesome & great. So if want to up your cool factor with all your loved one & friends then buy them one of these because I swear they’ll love it & actually use it. I’m linking all the mugs, so you’re welcome friends!

We All Are This Holiday Season, Aren’t We?
cat mug

It’s A Cat Face Shaped Mug. Nuff Said.

hello mug

Hello, I’m So Tired Too.

unicorn 2
bossy mug
f cats
 Leslie knope
I honestly want to add all of these to my cupboard. Maybe I’ll just have to spend all my birthday money on just mugs…. Haha, I might do it. Seriously considering it. #SORRYNOTSORRY Coffee mugs for life guys!!!! Be sure to check back tomorrow & the rest of the week for more fun gift guides!
– abbey kay

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