monday morning encouragement: quit slacking & start acting 

It’s another Monday. One that I swear I have lived before, & that’s because I have. It’s the same as last week. It’s the same as a month ago. It’s even the same Monday as two years ago. And that’s because I’m really good at letting things not change in my life. I’m really good at keeping things the same, mundane, & in perfect routine. I’m good at playing it safe. I’m good at making it seem like I’m growing & changing, but really I’m just staying the same. This doesn’t do me any good though & it only makes me feel insecure when any tiny inconvience comes my way. So today, to this, to the same me & the wanting to change you, I say, quit slacking & start acting.

Stop comparing, & be you.

Dream big, & accomplish it.

Make a plan, & stick with it.

Point to the map, & go.

Hold your breath, & dive in.

Take criticism, & grow.

Be loved, & love.

Jump, & have faith.

Open up, & let others in.

Take a risk, & learn from it.

Make a life, & live.

I’m begging you, no really I am. Stop sitting on the sidelines. Stop waiting for the life you want to happen. Stop being afraid of whatever it is that fills you to the brim with fear. It’s going to be okay. You are going to be okay. Even if you fail. Even if you mess up. Even if you feel like you’ll lose more than you’ll gain. It’ll still be worth it because life is worth living. And I mean truly living, it’s worth it.

We can’t change or take away the past, the inevitables, or the pain in this life. But we can decide how we want to react to them & move forward. We can quit slacking & start acting to create the life we truly deserve to live. There is still beauty & life left in this world & I hope you’ll make the journey to find it. 
— abbey kay 





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