monday morning encouragement: live intentionally 

This weekend wasn’t the best for me. It wasn’t my favorite at all. It was chaotic & exhausting & not at all what I wanted. I went to sleep last night & sort of craved Monday morning. I needed this morning to be the restart button for routine & normalcy. I wanted to live in my tiny world of habits again. But this morning has come & though the motions are the same as a week ago, my head & heart are somewhere else. 

Sometimes life get’s the best of us. Sometimes things unexpectedly happen & wake us up from our everyday lives. And when this happens you can choose what you want to do with it. You can go back to the old habits of your life, or you can move forward & live intentionally. I hope you choose the latter.
Whether it be something big, or something small, one event can change you for the rest of your life. One moment, one phone call, one decision can alter the path you’re currently on. The habits before can quickly whither into thin air as we contemplate where to go next. But, what if we threw old habits out the window right now & chose to live intentionally from here on out? Would those hiccups life likes to throw at us really seem all that big if we’re choosing to live everyday as if it was the day that mattered most?

I say, let’s try it & find out. Let’s stop living out of habit & live with intent instead. Let’s make each day & every moment really, really count. Because at the end of your life, you won’t remember anything else except for the people & the memories enveloped with them that brought you the purest joy. 

Let’s stop the mundane habits of life, of Monday’s, of the expected routine & let’s choose to live intentionally & enjoy every moment of it my friends! We live once. We die once. Let’s make it count for ourselves & for those around us. Let’s live less out of habit & more out of intent. 
— abbey kay 


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