monday morning encouragement: go for the donut 

Monday = not funday, for most of us at least. You’re tired of life, tired of routine, tired of doing what you’re supposed to do just because you’re supposed to do it. Well today I say, go for the donut friends, & enjoy every minute of it. 

Today, go after that thing that really satisfies you & makes you smile. If that means skipping your banana & eating a cookie instead, then do it. If that means wearing a red lip to work instead of just a sheer color, then go for it. Opt out of your afternoon yogurt & go for the donut. Go for what’s going to give you a bit of joy today.

Our days are mostly mundane & boring & that’s no way to live! Especially since most of us have anywhere from 60 to 50 more years to go. So let’s spice it up bit by bit, moment by moment. I fully believe we should live each day with purpose & meaning in mind. Life was meant to be lived this way. 


Go for the donut! And enjoy every single bite.
— abbey kay 


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