fall 2015 wishlist

It’s a new season, finally,& I am so happy about it. I just love fall so much & am ecstatic that the colors are changing & everything is getting cooler & cozier. With the weather change comes a list of things I’ve been eyeing lately too, along side some things I’ll be needing to get me through the colder months ahead. So I’ve rounded up all the pretties that I’m hoping to soon make my own. Happy fall, & be sure the click the links & shop away!

 These colorful agendas from Ban.do are all the rage. A few are sold out or are limited editions found at exclusive locations, but I really have my eye on one of the gold & white ones. Because maybe if I have a pretty agenda then it’ll motivate me to stay organized. That’s the idea, right?
I really love this Modern Snap Backpack from Everlane. This company makes great quality items & I love the mission behind their brand. I love the design of this backpack & it’ll be a perfect fit for all my autumn adventures. 

I saw this jacket a few weeks ago at Forever 21 & it fit like a glove, but I wasn’t in love with the price. It’s also still 90 degrees where I live so I figured I could wait & make this purchase later on when it hopefully goes on sale. I also found out it comes in black online too. I’m loving the longline bomber jacket look & am so surprised at how much F21 has been stepping up their design game lately. 

I heart IKEA so, so much. And this black & white throw is something that I will so use on all the cold & rainy nights while I consume all the pumpkin treats. 

ZOOSHOO knows what’s up & these Sex Kitten Sunglasses prove just that. And yes, that is their real name because I cannot make a name like that up. These would be killer for fall, despite their playfully puzzling name.
This color is my favorite color to wear during fall. Seriously, I have like three varied shades of it in sweaters already. But I’m thinking I may need to add this one from Madewell to the mix as well because I mean, I don’t have one in the exact shape & design so it’s justified!

I’m a huge fan of this handmade brand known as Marloe. I have a few of their bags already, but am looking to get my hands on the Layover Tote as soon as I can decide on a color! The shop also makes gorgeous bucket bags too.

I’m a sucker for mugs, everything from Hello Apparel, & witty sayings. So I of course need this I’m So Tired mug for all the days I’m too lazy to leave the house. Plus, hello it’s black, my fave color ever!

Is it weird that all these items sorta match a theme? As in, I could use them all at once & they’d look totally cool together… Like, typical fall look book status. Pretty sure I think/dream in a cohesive flowing pattern. Ha, I love it!

What are you looking to buy this fall? Did any of these items make your list?
— abbey Kaye






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