monday morning encouragement: it’s okay to be fancy

Monday. I hate you, but I love you. It’s the end of freedom & the beginning of a long journey to reach the end of the week again. It’s a vicious inevitable cycle that we humans live for, the work week to end so that the weekend can begin, again. We think that only the days that start with S hold any true adventure & fun. But, to that, I say screw it, it’s okay to be fancy & seek the better things in life any day of the week.

Eat three day old pizza on a fancy plate tonight for dinner because you know you’re just too tired to cook, but who cares. Drink water out those dusty champagne glasses because everyday is a day to celebrate something & who knows when you’ll actually be able to afford champagne. Take pictures on a real camera of someone you love because nowadays that is a pretty fancy thing to do instead of reaching for the camera in your pocket. 

It’s okay to be fancy & make the little things in life seem extraordinaire. We live life every single day & it’d be a shame to waste one of them, or even five of them in a row each week. So why not live life a little better each & every day. 

Eat your pizza on a white decorative plate because I think it’d be pretty fun, & Irma okay to be fancy.

— abbey kay 






One response to “monday morning encouragement: it’s okay to be fancy”

  1. Hello, Scarlett Blog Avatar

    Love this!


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