monday morning encouragement: find the joy

Joy. It’s a word that’s hardly ever associated with an early Monday morning. You overslept, you’re running late for work, you actually have to go to work, you have to deal with coworkers, you’ll probably get stuck in traffic, & you might miss that meeting. But, instead of seeing all the things we have to do as burdens, why don’t we try & find the joy in it all instead. 

The sun rose again making another day happen. You are alive & got to wake up today. Those are good things to find joy in. 

You have a house you live in & most likely a warm bed you were just crawling out of after a night of sleep. Be joyful for sleep in general! 

You hopefully took a shower & warm water rushed out of a wall to clean you. Rejoice!

You ate food or stopped for a coffee before work. Coffee is a joy in itself. 

You have a job. Or you go to school. Or you’re doing something that is furthering your life. Be joyful that you have those opportunities. 

You have coworkers to talk to, & an office or classroom filled with people, with humans, with stories. Rejoice that we’re not alone in this world!

I know it’s really hard to have this attitude & it’s easy to see the negative in things we don’t really enjoy doing. But, you can choose to find the joy in life because it’s there & it’s evident. It just needs to be sought out, looked over, & truly appreciated. 

When all you can see is suffering, & heart ache, & pain, & numbness, try & think about the things that bring you joy. Seek it. Acknowledge it. And smile because of it.

 Find the joy! 

— abbey kay






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