monday morning encouragement: just another magic monday

It’s just another magic Monday…& cue the ever so popular 1986 song Manic Monday  by The Bangles. Haven’t heard it? Well you should click that link & listen to it right now. It’s a good song & I don’t even know how I know it. But my head pretty much thinks in song lyrics & movie quotes. I say them as normal phrases on the daily & almost nobody picks up on them. I quote them perfectly into a conversation & start laughing while everybody stares because they have no idea what I’m doing. Those awkward silences could default me into not doing this crazy act anymore, but ya wanna know why I keep it up? Because sometimes you need a little laughter in your life & the only person that’s gonna give it to you is, you.

So today, on this mundane Monday, make it a manic Monday, make it a magic Monday. Do something that makes you laugh. Watch YouTube videos of kids falling down on your lunch break. Look up images of meowls. Take a favorite song lyric or movie quote & slyishlt put it into a conversation. Make yourself laugh because laughter is the best medicine & it’s sure to turn any mood, day, or situation around. 
— abbey kay


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  1. swaisath Avatar

    Hi Abbey! I received a nomination for a Liebster Award the other day and it is now my chance to pass it on to other bloggers! I had never heard of it, but its a cute way to discover and recognize new blogs.. and its actually how I came across yours! I started searching tags of similar interests! If youd like to accept it, you can read more about it in my post:! Its just something fun to connect bloggers from all over the world. Love your blog!

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