bloke body review

I’m not sure what first drew me to the Bloke Body brand. Whether it was the all natural & cruelty-free products or the eye catching floral packing, but I knew right away that I wanted to try it out when I saw it pop up on my Instagram feed. So a few weeks ago when they were offering 20% off your entire purchase for a few short hours I jumped on that train & quickly snagged three of their products. I wound up getting a lip balm, body scrub, & hair treatment to see if this brand lived up to it’s Instagram hype. And just a little spoiler for you guys, it totally does! So without any further anticipation, here are my thoughts on what I tried out!

First up, the “Coffee + Sweet Orange” Body Scrub. Bloke offers a few other scrubs in different scents, but I’m super sensitive to smell so I knew that one that smelled like coffee & oranges was my safest bet. I had never used a body scrub before, closet thing to it would be the Lush Body Butters that I’m sort of obessed with, but I wanted to give it a try to see of it’d be something I could get into. Well, after using it just once, I was totally sold on the manic. This stuff is seriously amazing. It has the sweetest smell ever & leaves your body feeling so silky smooth just like a body butter would. They say you can even use it on your face and I highly recommend doing so because it’s th best thing that will ever grace your skin. The combination of oils in this poduct leave your face feeling so hydrated & soft after each use. I love this body scrub & will totally be buying some more once this bag runs out.

The next product that caught my eye was their “Restore + Hyrdrate” Hair Treatment, and to be honest I was skeptical at first. I read the ingredients & it contained coconut oil, which is what I currently use as a hair treatment for my hair. But it also contained some other oils & since it was on sale I bought it in hopes that it would do more than my current grocery store oil. Mind totally blown, guys. I put it on my dry hair one morning for a few hours, & washed my hair like normal in the shower later that day. Couldn’t really tell what it had done at that point, until I blew my hair dry. Oh. Em. Gee. My hair was so silky, like so, so silky. It never felt that great after just a normal hair treatment. I again was instantly sold, especailly when my hair was feeling just as good days following the treatment. The extra oils add so much hydration that I really never knew my hair was missing out on. I will buy this again, & again, & again.


The last product that I wanted to try out was their “Orange Blossom” Organic Lip Balm because I am an adovcate for hydrated lips & this scent sounded dreamy so I had to try it out. Do you like Dreamsicles? Ya know, those delicious orange flavored frozen bar treats that have vanilla ice cream in the center of them? Well, this lip balm smells like that delicious summer dessert tastes & I’m so not even kidding. It really smells THAT good. I love those ice creams & now I love this lip balm because it’s like eating one, but skipping out on all the calories. It totally hydrates yourlips, comes in a super cool card board push tube, & if you didn’t know, SMELLS AMAZING! They have a few other scents, but I’m committed to this one for life.


Look! All natural ingredients, too. Major bonus in my book!

So if you couldn’t tell by now, I am like super in love with Bloke Body, like I have a major girl crush on them. Every single one of these products is something I’ll use until it’s gone, & once it’s gone I’ll be ordering more. I’ve been raving about this brand to all my friends for the past few weeks because it’s honestly that good! I was dreaming up a few things I’d love to see from them next, like a dry shampoo or leave-in conditioner because I think they’d kill it in those departments. Sure enough it was like they read my mind because last week they announced the arrival of their newest product, this Dry Shampoo, that comes in both light & dark textures & smells likes oranges. I’m so excited to try this new product out!

Hopefully this post has helped you see the greatness that is Bloke. I’m so not geting paid for this, I just love sharing my thoughts when I come across a good company who offers even better products. They’re all natural, organic, have the prettiest packing ever, & totally deliver in the beauty department. I love Bloke!


Which of these products did you love reading about most? Which product do you think you’d be willing to try out? What would you love to see from Bloke Body next?

Thanks for reading! 

— abbey kay


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