monday morning encouragement: change the inevitable

Somethings are inevitable, like Mondays. They happen with no question or say. And so do things like negative thoughts & bad moods. We don’t really want those things in our lives. But days & emotions are inevevitable & it’s what we do with them that change things up.

So, change the inevitable.

Choose to not accept being in a bad mood when it starts to creep your way.

Start to not think badly about yourself because you’re worth more than those dark thoughts.

Fix your eyes on what is true because from it you’ll see your real value.

Take a negative experience & twist it until something positive squeezes out of it.

Change the inevitable. Change it into something worth rejoicing over.

Life is full of experiences & interpretations on what we experience. So why not make the best of it. 

Today is a new day, a new Monday. It’s a new set of thoughts & emotions that you can either control, or let control you. 

Change the inevitable so that it won’t change you.

— abbey kay 






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