laugh a little 

  Last night I stayed up later than I have been lately & couldn’t stop screen shotting all these funny & oh so true sayings. I have no idea who originally makes these, or who the genius behind the hilarity is, but I love seeing them pop up in my feed throughout the day. They crack me up, often make me laugh out loud, & they ring truer than most of what I see on the Internet. So, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorites & share them here in hopes of giving you a good laugh to get you through this Wednesday in one piece! Read & laugh on, but beware, the best ones are about food!

Hope a few of these made you smile! I have to give credit to the Instagrams of @shopluxclothing, @topknotgoods, & @monroeandharlow for providing me with the majority of these priceless pieces. They constantly post them, along with their awesome clothes/accessories & I love getting a good laugh in during my day of IG trolling. Give them a follow for more giggles!
— abbey kay 





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