monday morning encouragement: we’re just walking through it 

In all honesty, today’s post may be less encouraging & more of a “that’s just life” sort of talk. Because sometimes we find ourselves in a spot where we see no point in anything. We see no hope at the end of the tunnel. We see no clear direction ahead of us. And to this I say, that’s just life, & I’m sorry, but we’re just walking through it.

I’m sorry we’re humans. I’m sorry our purpose in life sometimes seems non-existant. I’m sorry there is hurt & lonliness. I’m sorry that you feel overwhelmed & tired. I’m sorry happiness comes & goes. I’m sorry depression is real. I’m sorry frustration boils. I’m sorry there is hate. I’m sorry there is deception & destruction & death. I’m sorry we’re humans, & this is the life we all live. I’m sorry, but we’re just walking through it. 

There may be no clear path ahead of you. Just walk anyway. There may be no happiness in your life. Just keep walking. There may seem like there is no way out of wherever you currently are, & there might not be right now. But, just keep walking through it anyway. 

Don’t give up. Don’t stop in the middle of the path. Don’t turn around & flee. This is life, we all have to live it, & we all must keep walking. Life is unexplainable. Life doesn’t make any sense & I’m sorry that it doesn’t. But it’s what we have, the only thing we have. And we’re (all) just walking through it.

– abbey kay






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