monday morning encouragement: you’re more ready than you think

It’s that one day again, the one we all loath & dread while we wait for it to come. But it’s here. It’s today. And no matter the plans you planned to set out & do today, the one’s already failed & the one’s still yet to come, you’re more ready than you think to conquer them. You’re more ready to handle today than you know. You’re more ready than you think.

You can be nice to that annoying coworker. You can handle your teething infant. You can love your overtired husband. You can beat the brutality of body image & comparison today. You can dream that dream & make it finally happen. You can get through the day without thinking one negative thing about yourself or those around you. Today, you can know the truth that you are good enough & capable, if only you are willing to truly believe it.

I know it’s hard. Today is hard. Yesterday was hard. Tomorrow may be hard too. But you’re not alone. The head game of lies & the maze of life are hard to navigate. You’re tired. You’re over it. I get it. But you’re more ready than you think to brave the strength & push through it. This world wants you around. It needs you around. It truly does matter that you, yes you, exist. 

Your existence matters, & you’re more ready than you think to fight whatever battle you’re currently in, & win. Fight with love. Fight with endurance. Fight with boldness, steadfastness, & the faith that you’re ready to beat it. You are ready. You’re more ready than you think. You truly, truly are. You can do this. 

You’re more ready than you think, my love.

— abbey kay 


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