monday morning encouragement: make today your cup of tea


 Today may just not be your cup of tea. You may have ended the weekend on a low note. You may have woken up yesterday sick like I did. The unexpected may have happened & it’s expectantly ruining your day. But I believe we can take what we’ve been given & turn it into something greater. Always. 

Make today your cup of tea instead of letting today be your soggy bread. So you’re sick? Then take the enexpected sick day & turn it into the best movie marathon day ever. So you weren’t able to do something you planned on doing this weekend, then make yourself do it today after work. You get to choose the kind of day you’ll have & it doesn’t have to be a bad one.

Nobody likes Mondays because we don’t like the thought of our freedom being stripped away from us. But today you’re still free to be whoever you want & do whatever you want too. Make today great & make it a day that is your cup of tea.

You have the ability to change your outlook & attitude towards today. So do it. Make today better than you could have ever imagined. Today is your cup of tea, now enjoy it. 

— abbey kay





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