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The earth laughs in flowers. That’s a famous quote by some guy named Emerson & I only know that because it’s the favorite saying of my friend Amanda who owns her own floral design company, AW Flowers. She’s builT the company from the ground up with the help of her sister in law’s & she provides amazing work. She specializes in wedding bouquet arrangements & center pieces & her work is absolutely breath taking because it seems to be an extension of who is truly is. The above quote is a perfect group of words to describe her too, replace earth with her name & the statement would still be true. Amanda laughs in flowers. 

I met Amanda about two years ago when a mutual friend of ours was getting married. I was in the bridal party & she was the roommate & I vaguely remember some party interactions here & there. Flash forward to a few months after our friends got hitched & a friendship of our own slowly started to develop. I noticed right away that she was the kind of person that you just wanted to be around. She was always filled with laughter & the biggest smile to greet you with. She had a heart of gold & cared deeply for those around her. She also wasn’t afraid to do her own thing, & even be her own thing, even when that involved cowboy boots & swing dancing, or Nike high heels. She has never been afraid to be herself & help others discover themselves, even if she has no ideas she’s doing it. She has an amazing eye for creativity & the hustle to make her dreams come true. She has now become one of my closest & best of friends over the last year & a half, & a friend whom I can count on daily for encouragement, laughter, & wisdom. I’m so glad that I get to experience her laugh of flowers.

This past weekend I got a text from her saying, “Let’s collaborate & do a floral crown shoot!”. I was all sorts of down because as we all know I’m always game for an excuse to rock a floral crown, they are simply my favorite. And one that entails fresh flowers?!? That’s like every little girls dream come true to wear a crown of flowers! So we set up a time & did the thing & what we created was pure 60 minute magic.

I chose two white dresses for the shoot to help emphasize her work in the wedding industry & maybe because I felt like feeling like a bride for once too. A girl can make her dreams reality without the dude, can’t she? Well I did! Plus the way Amanda captured the beauty of the floral crown made me feel like I truly was a bride on my wedding day. Basically all I needed was a man in suspenders & I could have gone downtown to get hitched, it seemed that real guys! The time we spent together capturing the beauty she created through her talent of making flowers come to life was a perfect evening in my book. We laughed as friends. We created like dreamers. And we bloomed like flowers. 

Amanda is a special person both in the display of her abilities & her personality. She was a joy to work with & it was a joy to display her work. I can’t wait to see where her business takes her & I hope to be there every step of the creative way. She’s going places, she’s building things, & she’s leaving her trail of laughing flowers along the way. Thanks for letting me experience this side of you dear friend! 

— abbey kay

Like her business here in Facebook & follower her on Instagram @mandawart52 & Twitter @mandawart52 & @aw_flowers

Lace Dress/ Top Knot Goods

White Dress/ PacSun

Shoes/ Forever 21

Floral Crown/ AW Flowers

Gold Frame/ The Nest Reno






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  1. Amanda Avatar

    It was so fun to work with you and it helped that I had such a stunning model to work with! Maybe next time we’ll have more than an hour to work with!

  2. Amanda Avatar

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