monday morning encouragement: wear the floral crown

  Oh, I bet you thought I’d flake out & forget to send you all some love to start your week out well. I’ll probably forget one day sometime in the future, but no, no, no, not today kids. Not today. Because today is important, it’s the first day of the long week ahead. It’s the first Monday July 13, 2015 that ever was & most likely (wink, wink) ever will be. Today is a new day. It’s not last week, it’s not last Monday. It’s not last night. It is new & it is all it’s own. Today is your day.

Make today count because it honestly does. Don’t believe me? Well, then I dare you to make today a Monday to remember instead of one to forget. That cute coworker that you can’t get out of your head, buy him coffee. That one lady in the Starbucks line that always bugs out your Monday morning mood with her complaining, give her a genuine compliment. Make today the day you actually go on that run you’ve been swearing since high school you’ll do, even if it’s after work. Spend the extra few minutes during your commute to call your mom or your far away friend just to say hey, I miss you. Actually get on the floor & play with your kids. Make today mean something other than just an end to a great weekend. Make today a great start to an even better week than the last.

Make today count instead of a day to just be counted.

I mean yeah, you get a new Monday every single week.

But you only get one today.

So encourage someone along the way so that your tomorrow, & theirs will be brighter. 

Make today the day that you wear the floral crown.

Make today count.
— abbey kay 






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