what i’m loving: vol. 1

As someone who is totally guilty of spending a ton of time on social media, browsing online articles, trolling the Internet, & drooling over etsy shops, I tend to let my heart pitter patter over too many things I don’t really need. But some of it is too dreamy to keep to myself, so I thought I’d share my findings with you all with the new series, What I’m Loving. It’ll be a mix of wishes & wants & just stuff I’m obsessing over like decor & trinkets & food. So here’s my first round-up of the what I’m loving right now.

  I’m loving the simplicity behind these white tanks from Shop Lux Clothing. They scream summer & I’m diggin’ what they have to say. 

The florals of Ban.do are making my eyes wake up! Love the designs & colors of these everyday pieces.
Cheeseboards. Need I say more. If it involves cheese & it looks pretty while doing it, then count me in!

This little Etsy shop is great for daily encouragement & I can’t wait to pick up some of her handcrafted pieces. The Lovely Words can create no wrong in my book.
Okay. I’m finally jumping onto the hipster coffee bandwagon & looking into buying some things that will help me in the freshly made home brewing coffee game. But which option do I start with? Send help, pls.

Pops of pink. Hello, who knew you could be so intriguing? My younger ballet tutu wearing  self is dancing all around at the thought of adding this color subtly back into my decor concept. But I honestly just can’t get enough of the hue!

I’m also loving the idea of toning back on my wardrobe, wearing only a few pairs of shoes per season, & chucking anything that isn’t minimalistic. But more on that later! For now, I’ll be listening to the rain, sippin on a poorly homemade almond milk latte, & dreaming up some more loves of mine on Pinterest. Hope you’re having a good midweek Wednesday day!

— abbey kay

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2 responses to “what i’m loving: vol. 1”

  1. Lauren Nakagawa Avatar
    Lauren Nakagawa

    Well I love a good cheese board ☝️ and that wanderlust tank is calling my name, great round up 😊

    Ig: @shoes_and_sashimi

  2. With Love, Meg Avatar

    I love that wunderlust shirt with the cactus, AND THAT PINK SINK!! Too good. I know, I spend a good chunk of time scrolling through the internet and pining over things I don’t need!


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