monday morning encouragement series

Monday mornings are always such a drag around these parts. They’re my hardest work day of the week right now & it’s not because I’ve just come out of the freedom of the weekend. It’s just a tough mixture of work I deal with on Mondays & by that evening I’m usually really upset, completely wiped out, or ready to give up on my job/life. I kinda think we all have those sort of Mondays every now & then, but I believe our attitude towards the first day of the week can set the mood for the rest of the week. So why not make today start on a high note so that hopefully the rest of your week will end that way too. Monday morning encouragements. We all need them.

Today, you may be exhausted. You may hate your job. You may have no job at all. But today is a good day because you got to wake up. It doesn’t matter where, or how, but the point is you woke up & you are alive. Kudos to you for evening dragging yourself out of bed today. I know I didn’t want to get up, but the duties of life & Monday mornings called me to do it.

Yesterday emotionally exhausted me. Thinking about the reality of announcing that I was not going to be only fashion blogging anymore totally threw my emotions for a loop. I love fashion & everything about it. I feel like it’s the biggest thing that defines me & for years I let it be my identity. It honestly scared me to think that I was just sorta ending the majority of it with one small post saying that I was. It was even scarier that I told you all I’d be opening up more because if I say it, I must do it. I felt like I was watching a child of mine grow up & leave me, taking a part of my heart & soul with it. It wasn’t until I read the following words on the So Worth Loving Instagram account that I felt at peace & understood what I was doing more. It read, “So often we are intimidated by the space that’s left between where we used to be & where we are going. We start looking at it as a space that is proof of all the ways that we fall short. Love, stop that right now. Change your point of view: you are taking steps forward. You are no longer where you were. That space is not a space of failures, it is a space of progress. You’re going places. You’re worth the effort & the time & the love. You’re enough. Keep moving. I believe in you.”

Woah. Talk about perfect timing.

Those words rang true to my soul last night when I was feeling hopeless & alone. And it was a reminder of why I’m doing what I’m doing, it is because of words. Words change people’s minds. Outlooks. Thoughts. Moods. Emotions. Days. Monday mornings. Words are what encourage us to keep fighting & moving on. Words are our friends that help us battle the days or even hour ahead. Words are needed more than anything else in this life. And if I have them, then I want to give them.

So today, this first Monday morning of July, know that your words matter. Know that your encouragement to another means something. Know that we’re all currently riding the struggle bus just to get through today. Know that what you’re doing in life is a big deal because no matter how small you may think your part is, it helps the world go round. Know that wherever you’ve been & wherever you’re going are both good places to be. Enjoy your Monday & encourage someone today, even if that someone is you.

— abbey kay


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