midtown & community shoot

A few weeks ago I had a friend named Taylor who is a photographer randomly text me on a Sunday afternoon & ask if I was up to anything. I said that I wasn’t because I hardly ever am & she asked if I wanted to do a shoot in our midtown area that evening & then walk to church together. Her & I had been meaning to meet up for months so I of course said yes & what ensued was pure magic.

We met in our church parking lot which is located on the main street of our town between the downtown & “hipster” midtown area. We snapped a few outside the church  building on it’s classic brick wall where one of our pastors saw us & laughed. Then we headed to an alleyway between some houses. We totally used these people’s back fence & greenery for some cool back drops. (Shh, but don’t tell them!) It was fun to be sneaky. We found so many other cool places too. A bright blue building with yellow trim, a black top lined with shrubs & flowers, & a sidewalk that we turned into a catwalk. 

In between every shot Taylor & I talked about life & boys & fashion. She helped me to feel confident in this shoot & she was able to bring out my true self from behind her lense while pushing me out of my comfort zone to try something new. It was such a filling moment to spend time with another creative being where we were both doing something we love in an area of town that we love. This is was community is all about, just living life alongside people that just get you & that you can connect with. I felt this that Sunday night with Taylor. She is just so good at what she does & I’m grateful for the friend I have in her. 

This shoot was one for the books & I’m so glad to have gotten to live it & now have these pictures to look back & remeber it on. Killer outfits are cool, but killer moments are even cooler. 

— abbey kay

PS Follow Taylor on IG at (@t_kern) & (@taylorkernphotography). Follow me too (@abbeyy_kayy) & (@fash_byabb)!


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