abbey kay takes on the south

If you know me at all (or even just through this blog) then you probably know my love for Georgia. I’ve been going there almost every summer since I was a kid to visit my parent’s best friends who are basically family to us. I’ve had many adventures throughout the state & so much of that experience has shaped who I am & what I love. I was able to take a trip there last week for a never quite long enough visit. We did so many things, but it never really matters what we do because we’re just glad that we get to spend time together. The trips always seem too short, but they are always worth it.

This year was the most adventurous in my opinion. To start the trip off, I got to meet up with some Instagram friends who are from Atlanta & that own a company called So Worth Loving. They were hosting an instameet for the community their business had created & been a part of. It was so neat to be able to meet these people who I had known across the country for a few years. I also got to meet an inspiring couple who live outside of Savannah, Georgia. He owns a videography company & she does graphic designs. It was a really cool experience to sit & chat & sip coffee with other creative types in a city that I love. It’s something that I’ll never forget & want to experience more of. Best part! Towards the end of the week I got to do some modeling of the tees from the SWL company which was too much fun! So grateful for that opportunity. I walked away from this moment feeling so inspired & connected to such a love giving community.

The rest of the week was filled with typical Georgia adventure. Hiking Kennesaw Mountain after church where it down poured on us & we got soaked to the bone. Playing card games every night where everyone gets too competitive & loud. Eating at local restaurants like Chick-fil-a twice in one week. Going on hour long golf cart rides because that’s an actual thing to do there. Meeting babies for the first time who are just four weeks old. Visiting the Atlanta Botanical gardens & always running into public chaos with all 19 of us trying to get around. Tasting local gelato & helping the shop meet their quota for the day. Trying out Atlanta’s best donuts where we storm out of the place with 4 dozen of the things. Walking to the Millpond in the neighborhood where a scene from my favorite movie was filmed. Going shopping at stores we don’t have here in Reno in really huge malls. Planning & pulling off a surprise vowel renewal for a wedding I attended when I was just twelve years old. Watching my basically sister’s kids fish by the lake as the sun goes down. Eating burgers on rooftops in downtown Atlanta. Avoiding/soaking in the southern rain storms that are my absolute favorite. And drinking all the sweet tea that you can get your hands on. Ya know, typical southern stuff. 

These are just the things that happened on this year’s trip. But in reality, no matter what we do, I just love being in the south & always have. I love the neighborhoods & houses there. I love the rain & cloudy summer weather. I love the buildings of downtown. I love the food & the culture. Every time I go to leave people always ask me to stay. And I always question why I don’t. It’s hard living in a city where your life is, but leaving one where your heart lives. I’ve always dreamt of living in Atlanta one day, but I fear actually doing it. I know Georgia will always be there waiting for me & for now I guess that has to be good enough.

Check out pics from the trip below!

 The Georgia Plains  My Southern Home  Poolside with ZARA  Church Attire Lunch at Moe’s (like Qdoba or Chipotle, but better!)  On Top of Kennesaw Moutain, Totally Soaked  Shake Shack Burgers on the Roof in Downtown Atlanta

 The View From Driving Golf Carts on the Side of the Road    Vowel Renewal Moments  

Fishing at the Lake at Dusk      The Atlanta Botanical Gardens    Yeah! Burger & Locally Brewed Beer From Athens, GA!Authentic Gelato in the City  Sublime Donuts The Millpond, Where a Scene from Sweet Home Alabama was filmed, Also wearing Hello Apparel

 Photoshoots in Westside with So Worth Loving

Until next time my Georgia, you will continue to be missed & dreamed about daily! Just don’t forget about me. You were a great kick-off to summer & I can’t wait to adventure you & other places some more!

— abbey kay


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