three shops, one outfit

So many things making a debut here on abbey kay today. Each of the items, including the shops, & their owners give me daily inspiration. These pieces were all hand picked & hand made with care & creativity in mind by an individual. That’s my favorite thing about supporting small companies, in turn you’re helping someone live out their dream. 

First up is the lovely shop, Fine Life Co., where I purchased this black raglan tee. I ordered it a few weeks back & was sad to think I’d have wait until fall to wear it. But lovely old Reno weather decided to cut me a deal & have it rain so I could get my fix in before the summer heat approaches & stays. Simply said, I love this shirt so much. It’s thin but keeps you warm & the 3/4 sleeves slightly puff out giving it a nice girly silhouette.

Another new item I’m swooning over is my camel tote bag from Marloe. Let me tell ya, softest material ever & so much stuff can fit into this bag! Safe to say I adore it & love that it’s handmade just outside of LA. This will for sure be my go to summer travel bag.

The last piece is an older one that I’m still swooning hard over, my crystal Quartz arrowhead from Swallow’s Heart. I seriously love every single thing the owner Meghan makes. She’s got that rustic boho vibe just so down. Every piece is unique & I love that about her shop. 

This outfit is pretty plain, just all black as per usual. But it means a ton that it incorporates so many pieces from shop owners around the country. I love wearing pieces that have meaning & character & these pieces certainly do. 

Check out the three ladies IG’s listed below for daily inspiration & follow mine too!

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  1. Hello, Scarlett Blog Avatar

    Beautiful post! I love your blog!


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